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Homo homo sapiens sapiens

An excerpt from The International Homosexual Web Organization by an anonymous author suggests that gay folk are actually a distinct species.  Here is a bit of the rambling argument:

Why does evolution continue producing non-reproducing gays ? What evolutionary advantages balance this out and to what natural result?   Did homosexual males dominate in prehistoric cultural development as they did in historic times?

1. The cultural dominance of gays is in the genes and stretches back through all human development.
2. The hormonal “gay little brother – effect” was extremely useful for babybooming upright apes.
3. The stepwise brainsize in our ancestors was always linked to changes in fertilityrates, not  tool-use.
4. Gay apes occupied a social new role as carers and nurses, creating quality apes instead of quantity.
5. Stressed mothers in severe hardship also creates gays trading reproduction for gay values.
6. The nonreproducing gays are more numerous than (raped) reproductive lesbo apes.
7. This could confirm that female values in males are better than male features in near-perfect females.
8. Caring and social adept apes don´t make humans but a million year long bicameral preadaption helps
9. Scarce brain development in pre-humans prevented culture, except in homos using the whole brain.
10. Picking this new “homo”-centric view all the pieces suddenly fit together : “Homo” is “homo”.

Is the third sex responsible for the rise from apes to men?

Dead white men have for a century preached that manly hunting and warfare made men out of monkeys until the emancipation of “Lucy” made apemothers the driving force. Early ape-flocks had to center around the reproduction of brainier offspring to survive. But that only accounts for “Lucy” as she was an pre-cultural Australopithecus “fertilis” not a human. It was hormonal changes that made queer apes into modern men.

To get slow-reproducing apes into to the savanna their birth rate had to go up. That´s a no-brainer. With only one child in 6 years the chimps could not afford to cross the street let alone encounter lions in the open field. Bigger brains were useless anyway as you could not fill anything worthwhile into them. Philosophical gorillas had little survival edge. Bipedality developed because of sex. It was the suicidal low of reproduction rate of chimpanzees that necessitated the radical change into relative immobility of the inferior bipedality. The record-low reproduction rate of 1 child every 6 years was turned into a rate of 5-6 children at a time thus securing the survival on the deadly savanna. The freed hands could carry babies and food and the ape society centered about foodgathering for apemothers. So far so good. (See “Lucy”, 1981 Granada, by Donald C. Johanson, chapter 16) See also here for further information.

“Lucy” went bipedal and fertile at the same time but she remained a dumb blonde. At her rate of brain development, humans would not happen. Aha, here the males had to enter the scene with tools and weapons to make the necessary brain-culture loop. But no no, the male values were animalistic more than humanistic. The matrilocal ape society was already centered around the mothers, and brawny brainless men were passé.

Evolution instead made a value-added gay man with features borrowed from women. As every wife knows it is impossible to domesticate a man, childcaring and fitting out the nest could not be trusted males. The caring nurse-cum-interior decorator male was created instead. As apes thanks to bipedal modality at this point were wading in children: hence the nonreproductive new man´s same-sex orientation was welcome.

I suggest a prehistoric origin of *)”the gay little brother effect” of the last members of a large child-flock. The mothers hormonal warfare against the child in her womb was Nature´s way of birth control and means of installing female values intravenously in stead of lecturing tin-eared males. Born was the care-bear, the purser, the servant, the hairdresser, the pedagogue, the nurse, the scientist, the humanist, the Renaissance Man, the creative man, the social adept ape, the social climber, the interior decorator.

Gone was the aggressive, the criminal, the muscle man, the psychopath, the wifebeater, the absent father. The new kind of ape-man fits better into social hierarchies than aggressive males. Gay apes would at the same time have a contrarian role to the established society. This can be likened to the rebellion of puberty, rejecting present society, one of the most powerful evolution driving forces. To expand this into a lifelong opposition is evolutions´ way of putting a turbo-charger on cultural development.

Turning sickness into superiority

Please note that the hormonal gay little brother effect discovered by science does not go for lesbians explaining the lower natural occurrence of lesbians being the size of the animal gay background noise. The reason for that is obvious. They already were women with the wanted features, and their orientation were irrelevant for the males that raped them anyway. They were as fertile as the rest of the lot.

Lesbian genes survive in the gene pool, while much af the gay genes are lost by same-sex relations. In spite of this suicidal evolutionary behavior the gays outweigh the fertile lesbians. It leads to the conclusion that nature prefer female qualities in males to male features in females. Or in other words the “Lucy”-theory of female values is confirmed while male hetero values are not treasured by nature.

Severe stress causes the same effect. This means that when mothers (and often their societies) are in crisis, evolution sacrifices reproduction to get to the cultural qualities of gays. The WW2 bombings of Germany should have caused an increase in gays.

But more significant as the new roles of the gay apes was their using of both brain halves. This is the missing link. Women predominantly use their creative right halves and men their analytical left halves. This halfbrained waste of scarce resources was solved with the third sex using both halves. As the resulting cultural development of apes is essentially the same as the origin of man, we have found the missing link.

As a modest proposal I hereby suggest a new sub-species, the bi-cameral “Homo homo sapiens sapiens”. A description of his physical distinctiveness has been made when a material brain difference was found by Levay at the University of Southern California , Salk Institute, San Diego,who did the original research.

LeVay, S. (1991). “A Difference in Hypothalamic Structure Between Heterosexual and Homosexual Men.” Science 253: 1034-1037.

wpe8.jpg  (2642 bytes) wpe8.jpg  (2642 bytes)

Cultural dominance is inherent and prehistoric too.

I suggest that the cultural dominance of homosexual males in history (going back 4800-4900 years ago) dates back to the emergence of culture , in fact it is human civilization. And culture is the missing link between man and apes, as man is a cultural chimp, no more, no less. The “cultural revolution” in the last 30.000 years is unexplained as the fossil reflection of this is missing. A gay source for this is close at hand as they were responsible for all other revolutions of civilization. The first evolutionary consequental use of tools was the beginning of culture and man alike. It was the whole-brained approach of gay manapes that was the driving force behind all cultural development from 5.000.000 B.C. till now. Not only 5.000 years of history or the 100 years of social constructivists. The evolutionary balance sheet with non-reproducing gays does not add up, so the missing link had to be found. Take out the gay contribution to all kinds of culture in historic times and we would still live in caves.We would have little culture, hardly any science, and no democracy, the Greek contribution can be stricken, as would be the Renaissance, Humanism and the Enlightenment.

“Homo homo sapiens sapiens” has come out of the closet. The suppression of any such thought by science is obvious, as only those free of homophobia are really qualified to discuss the subject; men wouldn´t and feminist women , narrowly interested in establishing “Lucy”as the birth canal of humanity dwelled on this pleasant thought and had little reason to go further.

But it only lead to fertile apes not to men. It took very long time to grasp the real meaning of bipedality being the evolution´s escape out of too low a fertility rate brought on by too much brain. That nature should select an inferior mode of locomotion to survive is perverse. But to choose en evolutionary showstopper to carry on evolution is a paradox.

All our taboos and phobias block for any insight across the nature-cultural divide. This divide is behind our Pithecophobia. We can only handle apes as charichatures and sex as jokes and taboos. We are acutely embarrassed by nature when it shows up in ourselves. But when we cannot talk about sex we cannot talk about evolution from apes. The Pan paniscus chimps are pansexual, when we claim we are not we are lying. As long as we are lying about reproduction our evolutionary tales are just that.

White men can´t jump, they can´t tell the truth either. Homophobia and Pithechophobia result in apes dressed up to kill. The emergence of cultural man is just like the historic culture brought to us by middle-men between males and females. This unbeatable combination was nature´s way of creating unity out of a duality. Like a mule it will not reproduce, but its parents, the horse and the donkey are both inferior to it. Introducing the source of light, Shamash, the gay god of the sun.

Read the rest at The International Homosexual Web Organization.

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Jean Cocteau

In July we celebrate the birthday of Jean Cocteau – a French poet, novelist, dramatist and filmmaker.  His circle of friends and lovers included Pablo Picasso, Jean Hugo, Jean Marais, Henri Bernstein, Marlene Dietrich, Coco Chanel, María Félix, Édith Piaf and Raymond Radiguet. Edith Wharton described him as a man “to whom every great line of poetry was a sunrise, every sunset the foundation of the Heavenly City…”

According to Harold Ackton, at the age of 18 Cocteau “took the pulse of each of the nine muses and prescribed the exact regimen she had to follow.
He published his first volume of poems, Aladdin’s Lamp, at nineteen. Soon Cocteau became known in the Bohemian  artistic circles as ‘The Frivolous Prince’—the title of a volume he published at twenty-two.

Cocteau’s unconventional approach and enormous output brought him international acclaim. His opium addition  – and reputation for seducing Parisian gendarmes with a faked, drunken “privelege du cape” at the legendary Paris pissoirs – make for controversial biographies, such as that by Francis Steegmuller.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson

The great 19th Century American essayist, poet and philosopher apparently had a great love for a boy named, ironically, Martin Gay.  Emerson’s journal over a period of two years record his obsession with the handsome lad and even though Emerson later tried to obliterate all references to this affair, modern editors have been able to salvage enough passages to document this classic case study of adolescent homosexuality.

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The Rainbow Flag

APrideFlagGilbert Baker, a San Francisco artist, designed the first Rainbow flag in 1978, He created the flag in response to a local activist’s call for the need of a community symbol. Baker designed a flag with eight stripes: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. According to Baker, those colors represented, respectively: sexuality, life, healing, sun, nature, art, harmony and spirit.

In the true spirit of America’s original flagmaker, Betsy Ross, Baker dyed and sewed the material for the first flag himself. Baker soon was approached San Francisco’s Paramount Flag Company about mass producing and selling his “gay flag.” Unfortunately, Baker had hand-dyed all the colors and since “hot pink” was not commercially available at the time, mass production of his eight-striped version was not possible. The flag was thus reduced to seven stripes.

In November 1978, San Francisco’s gay community was stunned when the city’s first openly gay supervisor, Harvey Milk, was assassinated. Wishing to demonstrate the gay community’s strength and solidarity in the aftermath of this tragedy, the 1979 San Francisco Pride Parade Committee decided to use Baker’s flag. The committee eliminated the indigo stripe so they could divide the colors evenly among the parade route — three colors on one side of the street and three on the other. Soon the six colors were incorporated into the six-striped version that today is recognized by the International Congress of Flag Makers.

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Pink Triangle

270px-Pink_triangle_upWhen one thinks of European “hot-spots” one rarely thinks first of Berlin. But in the 1920s and early 30s the German capital was the place to be. British novelist Christopher Isherwood visited Berlin frequently and h i s Berlin Stories, actually two loosely structured novels, Mr. Norris Changes Trains and Goodbye to B e r l i n (and the basis for the musical Cabaret) depict a glittering and grotesque metropolis of cafes, night people and vice.

While male homosexuality was illegal under Paragraph 175 (established in 1871) of the German penal codes, the law was rarely enforced, and the liberal socio-political climate made Berlin a veritable Eden for gay men and lesbians. All of that changed with the rise in power of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. While the plight of European Jews during the Nazi reign is well documented, until relatively recently, the fate of homosexuals has been largely ignored. Under the Nazis, Paragraph 175 was expanded to include not only sexual activity, but the mere suggestion of homosexuality — and meticulously enforced.

Between 1933 and 1945 approximately 100,000 men were arrested for the “crime” of homosexuality and nearly 15,000 were sent to concentration camps, where they were identified by a pink triangle affixed to their clothing. While not targeted for extermination, homosexuals were sentenced to “reeducation,” which frequently led to death. In fact, the death rate among homosexuals in concentration camps is estimated to be as high as 60%. They were also frequently subjected to barbaric “medical” experiments and “research.” Alone among inmate groups, homosexuals tended not to band together for fear of attracting even more abuse — from fellow prisoners as well as guards. As a result, homosexuals became the most isolated and shunned inmates in the camps.

Adding insult to injury, when the allies liberated the camps in 1945 and freed the inmates, homosexuals were transferred to prisons. Paragraph 175 was not repealed until 1969. Nazi policy against homosexuals was more than an assault on individuals. The regime destroyed the world’s first equal rights movement for gay men and lesbians as well as the openly gay social world that thrived in pre-World War II Germany. Today we wear the Pink Triangle as both a symbol of Pride and a tribute to those who suffered under the Nazi regime.

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Scowling Crowley

Aleister_Crowley_1Was the spookiest man of the twentieth century also a homo? Born Edward Alexander Crowley, Aleisetr Crowley was an English occultist, writer, mountaineer, poet, yogi, and possible spy.

He was an influential member of occult organizations, including the Golden Dawn, the A?A?, and Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) and is known today for his magical writings, especially The Book of the Law, the central sacred text of Thelema. He gained notoriety during his lifetime, and was pleased to be denounced in the popular press of the day as “The wickedest man in the world.”

Wikipedia notes that “Crowley was also a chess player, painter, astrologer, hedonist, bisexual, drug experimenter, and social critic. …
After the death of his father to whom he was close, he drifted from his religious upbringing. His mother’s efforts to keep her son in the Christian faith only served to provoke his scepticism. When a child, his rebellious behaviour displeased his mother to such an extent that she would chastise him by calling him “The Beast” (from the Book of Revelation), an epithet that Crowley would later adopt for himself.”

Crowley objected to the labelling of what he saw as life’s most worthwhile and enjoyable activities as “sinful”.

In 1895, he went to Trinity College, Cambridge,with the intention of reading Moral Sciences (philosophy), but he switched to English literature, and “his three years at Cambridge were happy ones, due in part to coming into the considerable fortune left by his father…. It is there that he broke with the Church of England:

The Church of England […] had seemed a narrow tyranny, as detestable as that of the Plymouth Brethren; less logical and more hypocritical.
When I discovered that chapel was compulsory I immediately struck back. The junior dean halled me for not attending chapel, which I was certainly not going to do, because it involved early rising. I excused myself on the ground that I had been brought up among the Plymouth Brethren. The dean asked me to come and see him occasionally and discuss the matter, and I had the astonishing impudence to write to him that ‘The seed planted by my father, watered by my mother’s tears, would prove too hardy a growth to be uprooted even by his eloquence and learning.’”

In December 1896 Crowley decided to pursue a path in occultism and mysticism. By the next year, he began reading books by alchemists and mystics, and books on magic. Biographer Lawrence Sutin describes the pivotal New Year’s event as a homo-erotic experience (Crowley’s first) that brought him what he considered “an encounter with an immanent deity.”

A year later, he published his first book of poetry (Aceldama), and left Cambridge, only to meet Julian L. Baker (Frater D.A.) who introduced him to Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Crowley allegedly maintained a vigorous sex life, largely conducted with prostitutes and girls he picked up at local pubs and cigar shops, but he also took part in same-sex activities in which he played a passive role.

During his life, Crowley practised sexual magic rituals with both men and women, Sutin recounts. For example, Crowley had lasting feelings for Herbert Charles Pollitt, whom he met at Cambridge. Pollitt did not share Crowley’s mystical leanings, and so:

I told him frankly that I had given my life to religion and that he did not fit into the scheme. I see now how imbecile I was, how hideously wrong and weak it is to reject any part of one’s personality.

At that time British law officially forbade homosexuality. The arrest, conviction and imprisonment of Oscar Wilde took place in Crowley’s first year at Cambridge. And while, in his autobiographical preface to The World’s Tragedy he included two pages on “Sodomy” where openly admitting his bisexuality and praising sex between men, the section was removed from all copies of the book except those given to close friends.

Later, in a January 1929 letter, he wrote

“There have been about four men in my life that I could say I have loved… Call me a bugger if you like, but I don’t feel the same way about women. One can always replace a woman in a few days.”

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Toronto Pride History

Another summer, another Pride Day.

We all know that Toronto Pride is one of the biggest LGBT celebrations in North America. And within the last few years, organizers have struggled with how to make the festival still relevant at a time when – thankfully – the queer community has won numerous battles in seeking equal rights. Many question: do we still need a Pride Day at a time when we now have more out gays and lesbians in the corporate world, in politics and entertainment? In Toronto, the “gay village” has changed so much in recent years that anyone from out of town wouldn’t even notice anything different about the neighbourhood that was once an important meeting place for queer folk… a place where they felt safe and welcome among others like them.

There's more to Gay Pride that what you see in the paradesWoot woot! There’s more to Gay Pride than what you see in the parades.

I recently met up with Phil Wong, executive director of Community One Foundation – a non-profit organization that fundraises for numerous queer groups who have limited access to mainstream funding. Over the years, the foundation has doled out more than a million bucks since 1980 to support the arts, social services and other community projects.

Wong said that even though many people know about the AIDS/HIV groups and organizations backing equal marriage rights who have actively fought for funds and political attention, there are still issues out there that many even in the gay community don’t know about.

A look at some of the recipients of the foundation’s funding this year tells the tale:

Durham Pride Prom 2009 – The Youth Centre – to support the creation of an end of year celebration and graduation party for LGBTTIQ2 youth in Durham Region and HOPE Outreach – Halton Organization for Pride and Education (HOPE) – to support the creation of outreach materials to help target new and increasing demographic spaces i.e. business cards, display boards, note cards, t-shirts mugs, pens and key chains to give away as prizes at HOPE events and for general outreach. HOPE will also create a brochure with basic LGBTTTIQQ education information and contacts.

Q-SAY – Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP) to help ASAAP conduct anti-homophobia workshops and outreach in the South Asian community through the use of its film documentary which explores issues surrounding the South Asian LGBTQ youth community and Mpenzi Black Women’s International Film & Video Festival – to support the annual Mpenzi Black Women’s International Film & Video Festival screens films and video submissions from straight and Queer Black women, transgender, transsexual and intersex women and men.

Bateman QSA Outreach & Education – Robert Bateman High School Queer-Straight Alliance – to create a safe space and to initiate outreach to the Queer-trans community at Robert Bateman High School. The QSA will also identify and purchase appropriate books, videos and materials for the school library as a way of increasing knowledge and dialogue for both students and teachers.

Bring LGBT issues to palliative & bereavement services in Durham Region – Durham Hospice – to provide more learning resources and training for staff and volunteers and other agencies working in this field (i.e. cancer supports, senior’s centres, Long-Term-Care homes etc.) on the unique experiences of LGBT people and death/loss.

This is just a sampling of the need out there – issues affecting women, visible minorities, transgender and transsexual individuals, youth, and older gays and lesbians are still out there, particularly in smaller, rural communities where there are fewer services.

“Pride Week gives people a chance to gather,” says Wong. “Groups that are often invisible in our community can access Pride in a number of ways to build awareness around their concerns or interests. Marching in one of the parades, staffing a community information booth, or holding an activist meeting or dance party; Pride is a great time to bring people together.”

“Pride Toronto and the Community One Foundation partner every year to provide the Pride Access & Diversity Grants program to ensure smaller groups can participate in all the fun and mayhem.”

Because we can’t forget that Gay Pride is not just about a 20-something, buff, hip and out gay man who is as free to bring home his boyfriend to mom as anyone else now. The struggle for equality and understanding continues for many people who don’t fit neatly into that box. And as long as that struggle continues, we still need Gay Pride.

For more information about Community One Foundation, visit communityone.ca.

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