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ENTERTAINMENT Himan is the Man

story by John Chambrone

erichimanVery few artists have touched my soul quite like Eric Himan. When I first heard about this ‘folky, out, rock’ singer covered in tattoos in 2003, I needed to know more. Having teamed up with Border’s Books and Music shortly after that, the artist did several shows in the Tampa Bay area and I finally got to see what all the hype was about. I have had the opportunity to interview him several times over the years and have to say that one interview in particular was my favorite hands down. Several years ago, I got to interview Himan where he also performed a few songs on ‘Out in the Open,’ when he was a guest of the Tampa, Florida based gay and lesbian radio program. It was one of my favorite shows and I was loving my private concert. That was a few years ago. Since then I have continued to actively follow his career.

His music has been heavily rotated on LOGO, and the 30 year old has been touring the country like mad for almost a decade. For years it has been just Himan, his guitar, and a microphone appeasing as many fans as he can. The former Fort Myers, Florida resident moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma a few years back when he fell in love. Searching for employment in the music scene of his new town, he quickly got a job. Their only requirement being that he needed a band. Enter the Adams, a local duo that fit like a missing puzzle piece upon the collaboration. Since then, Eric and the Adams have been touring the country. Their debut gig outside of Tulsa came about when the trio performed at 2008 Market Days in Chicago. Tulsa has been very good to Himan. The community named him the Artist of the Year and the Best Male Vocalist.

With each release, Himan matures as an artist. “Resonate”, his latest release, touches upon a variety of subjects including being annoyed at gay protesters, “Protestor’s Song,” his disdain for reality TV, “For Me,” a song that was inspired by a transgendered youth, “Little Boy Blue,” and his first upbeat love song, “Only.” “Resonate” also includes the single, “There’s Gotta Be Something,” that has been featured on LOGO, along with “Little Boy Blue.” Although I have loved every cd the singer / songwriter has released, I have to say that I can honestly not choose a favorite one. I like each of them for different reasons. Having seen him perform in support of most of his cd’s, there are only a handful of songs that I have not heard him perform live. His concerts are a lot like the old VH1 series, ‘Storytellers,’ where he talks between songs about the inspirations behind them. One such inspiration helped me choose my favorite Himan song of all time. From his release, “Dark Horse”, it is a song called “Stranded.” Himan said that he gets a lot of feedback from gay youth who see him as a positive role model. One such letter came from a boy who was living in a small town and struggling with his sexuality. Being a touring musician means spending a lot of time on the road. On one occasion, Himan flipped his van and was stranded in it for a while. He merged these two events to create the beautiful song “Stranded.” Himan is also a huge fan of female musicians and can often be heard doing cover versions of songbirds such as Tori Amos, Patti Griffin, and Tracy Chapman. The dynamic performer has garnered national acclaim and has been featured in The Advocate, OUT Magazine and several others. Be sure to check out his website for more information, including tour dates and all things Eric. www.erichiman.com

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