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Information about the Sun Coast of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico with the Top American Beaches and Largest Gay Resort.

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  • Catamaran Cruise Saint Martin & Saint Barth: March, 2017

    GaySail: A luxury Gay Nude Exclusive sailing cruise that starts and ends in St. Martin. White sandy beaches with palm trees and tropical sun. Snorkeling and diving between coral reefs and exhilarating sailing between tropical islands. An unique Gay Sailing vacation with 20 Nude Gay guys. Let our Gay skipper… Read more »

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  • eNewsletter Registration

    YOUR SUBSCRIPTION HAS BEEN CONFIRMED And you have been entered into our quarterly travel giveaway! We have two more chances for you to enter and win. Every three months one of our super fabulous travel partners will be offering up one of their vacations as a giveaway to an Outings & Adventures… Read more »

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  • Club Atlantis Vallarta: November 5 -12, 2017

    Atlantis Events: At Club Atlantis, we take over the entire 5-star resort of Hard Rock Vallarta to create a relaxing and friendly all-gay beach vacation like no other. Everything you could imagine for the perfect vacation is right here. Start with our architecturally stunning 5-story resort facing one of Mexico’s… Read more »

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  • Roman Holiday Italy: Dec 21 – 28, 2017

    Toto Tours: Rome at Christmas is a magical time when the city outdoes itself in decorative splendor, as befits the home of the Roman Catholic Church. The temperate weather allows visitors and locals alike to spend time outside in the city’s characteristic squares, eating roasted chestnuts as well as gelato…. Read more »

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  • Cornucopia Costa Rica: Nov 17 – 25, 2017

    Toto Tours: Costa Rica is naturally colorful, and first time visitors may feel like they stepped into the middle of rainbow. From every angle the world is flooded with vibrant hues – in the dazzling flowers or vibrant tropical birds and the exotic butterflies as well as the lustrous red… Read more »

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  • Jungle India: Nov 5 – 17, 2017

    Toto Tours: Rudyard Kipling wrote The Jungle Book, a collection of stories published in 1894 about the “man-cub” Mowgli who grew up alongside animals in the wilds of India. For many people, these stories defined our idea of India as an exotic place, full of adventures amidst the dense foliage… Read more »

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  • Classic China: Oct 8 – 20, 2017

    Toto Tours: Everything in China seems just a little bit grander, and even in the midst of frantic modernization it is easy to find evidence of China’s glorious traditions. Not even the dour and rather unstylish Communists could squelch the country’s past glories. Time, however, can be a cruel opponent,… Read more »

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  • Hidden Land Bolivia: Aug 1 – 13, 2017

    Toto Tours: Bolivia may just be the greatest mystery of South America. It is a landlocked country in the heart of the Andes Mountains. It’s remoteness and (until recently) inaccessibility has allowed it to keep its cultural heritage intact, much as it has been for centuries. Bolivia offers an authentic… Read more »

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  • Haute Cuisine France: Jul 6 – 15, 2017

    Toto Tours: French cuisine is considered the best in the world. Originally derived from many other European cultures, French “haute cuisine” came into its own from the 17thcentury onward, with cheese and wine a critical part of the menu. French gastronomy is so notable that in 2010 UNESCO added it… Read more »

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  • Club Atlantis Cancun: April 29 – May 6, 2017

    Atlantis Events: The ultimate gay resort vacation is better than ever in 2017 at the newly re-imagined Club Atlantis Cancun. Atlantis takes over the entire Club Med Cancun resort for an incredible experience on three stunning beaches filled with entertainment, sports, activities, parties, and great friends. There’s no better place… Read more »

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    Meet Up: Florida 2010 panel discussion “The State of Gay in Florida” June 25 at the Studio@620 in St. Petersburg

    ST. PETERSBURG, FL – MEN4MEN.COM® had our first ever “Meet Up” panel discussion focusing on the State of Gay in the Sunshine State” on Friday, June 25 starting at 5 p.m. at the Studio@620.

    Attendees enjoyed wine and such as topics of discussion includes the status of legalizing gay marriage and adoption in Florida, the state of gays in the military and how repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” will affect soldiers stationed in the sunshine state, what the rights of local life partners are in hospital decisions and what are the major health issues facing the gay community in the new century. Panelists are Air Force Captain Timothy Watson, local lawyer John Hixenbaugh and Dr. Roy Finley.

    “We were delighted that such a diverse group of people were interested in learning more about gay issues in Florida, thanks to having the event on Pride Weekend,” said the founder of MEN4MEN.COM®. “Our goal with MEN4MEN.COM® is to facilitate these kinds of discussions online and in at events like tonight. ” Check back for our next MEN4MEN.COM® MEET UP focusing on local gay groups and businesses networking.


    Men4Men was a Tampa Bay computer club (BBS) long before the days of the web. Today,® is being re-imagined as an inclusive social hub for the gay community with professionally written articles on politics, culture and relationships as well local news and information provided by existing sources. Open to all genders and ages, aspires to present and facilitate healthy lifestyle information and social opportunities like this Meet Up event.


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    American Stage, Adventures & Outings, Carter’s Florist, Greaton’s Jewelers, Internet Adept, Studio@620



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    Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

    By Daniel Lancaster
    It was an amazing surprise, especially after hearing how
    elusive they are, to receive a phone call from the Mother Superior
    of the Tampa Order of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
    inviting me over for tea and cookies. I simply remained quiet on
    the other end of the phone, elated to a point of stupefaction.
    “Well, are you coming, darling, or not?” Sister Agatha Frisky
    asked in a sharp tone. “The tea isn’t getting any warmer!”
    “I’ll be there,” I managed to stammer and, after hanging up,
    I began to collect myself for what was to be a surreal day indeed.
    I arrived precisely at 2:15 PM at the door of the South Tampa
    convent that Mother Superior and
    President of the Tampa Bay Chapter
    called home. I was greeted by a
    vision wrapped in gold chiffon and
    adorned in jewels — or maybe they
    were sequins. “Sister Freda Swallow,
    at your service,” she said, smiling.
    All of the active members of
    the Sisterhood were there: Sister
    Freda, Sister Jacqueline Eatsasses,
    famous for her fine robes and the
    jockstrap underneath and Sister
    Merry Widow in another divine
    gown she slaved over. There was
    Sister Shirley B. Medicated, decorated
    in lilac and lace and seated
    upon a bar stool, and Sister Ida Slapter, adorned in rainbows and
    a Carmen Miranda hat. Guard Iva Bigwun, a bodyguard for The
    Sisters, stood tall near the entry. Seated on the sofa were Sister
    Mary Mount N’ Dew Me, sporting the “Blues Sister” look, and Sister
    Monica Muffdiver, with her catty spectacles. Sister Agatha Frisky
    seated me and offered me a cup of tea before seating herself.
    “So,” I began, biting into a delicious butter-pistachio scone,
    “Where do I begin?”
    “Why, at the beginning, dear.” Sister Merry Widow replied,
    A collective giggle followed. I realized I needed to be on my
    toes for this interview. These ladies could be quite intimidating,
    all together in one room.
    “Tell me about the origins of The Sisters.” I ventured.
    Sister Agatha, decked in her purple locks and black and white
    frock, spoke first on this topic. “From what I’m told, in about
    1976 while I was busy being born, a convent of Roman Catholic
    nuns lent some of their retired habits to a group of men
    p e r f o r m i n g their version of   The Sound of Music.” Three
    years later in 1979, the time of the “Castro Clone” on an
    Easter Day in San Francisco, the habits resurfaced when
    three men wore them all around San Francisco and
    challenged the world. This shocked people — but it got their
    attention. In 1980, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was
    formed. By aid of a city grant from San Francisco, The Sisters
    commissioned their first habits and wimples (veils), and began
    their ascent into popularity. During the same year in the time of
    the Three Mile Island Protest, The Sisters said the “Rosary in Time
    of Nuclear Peril” to Protest nuclear energy. First, they demonstrated
    messages of peace and tolerance through performance art.
    Next, they took on perils that their community suffered from.
    Hosting benefit bingo events and other fundraisers, they donated
    the proceeds to charities that fit their mission statement.”
    “Wow!” I said. “I didn’t realize. And this, being the first
    official order, is who you emulate?” Sister Freda spoke up for this
    one. “They are whom we have to emulate. There are strict
    guidelines and bylaws that go with donning this wimple.”
    The wimple in question is the Tampa Order’s signature
    wimple. At the suggestion of Sister Shirley and designed by one
    of their “far-flung” Sisters, “The Rubber Nun,” a pirate hat, was
    used, representing the Gasparilla invasion. Each Sister decorates
    hers a little differently and every Order of this worldwide
    organization has its own signature wimple. I was told by Sister
    Jacqueline that when a sister holds a successful event, she earns
    a pin for her wimple.
    “Our Order,” began Sister Ida Slapter after a thoughtful sip
    from her tea cup, “has been around for two years, having been
    founded originally by Sister Fister, who has since retired to L.A.,
    where she is likely infiltrating the hierarchy of the Order there.”
    “What makes you all do what you do?” I asked, to no one in
    particular. Another collective giggle ensued.
    “We all have our reasons,” Sister Shirley B. Medicated began,
    “But largely, there is just such an appeal about spreading
    awareness and doing good things for our community. My
    personal message is indulgence, not guilt. We dress as nuns
    because we are nuns, spreading a sort of non-denominational
    form of gay spirituality.”
    “Is that your primary message?” I asked.
    The newest sister to the fold, Sister Monica Muffdiver, who
    has recently been required to perform several initiation tasks in
    order to become a member, was the first to speak on this. I could
    tell Sister Agatha Frisky was carefully watching her with a mix of
    pride and motherhood. She was crossing her legs a lot, and
    sipping nervously.
    Was this stuff really tea? Without requesting, my own cup
    was continuously being replenished somehow.
    “Primarily,” Sister Monica began, “our message is that of
    indulgence. But when we’re out there in the community, we are
    spreading the message of safer sex.”
    “Safe… er?” Admittedly, I was a bit confused.
    “Well, dear, there really is no ‘safe’ sex.” Miss Muffdiver
    replied. “But with proper education and the proper tools, one
    can have the safest sex possible.”
    I was quite familiar with the tools of which she spoke. Each
    year at Pride events, as well as with regular spontaneous visits to
    various bars in the area throughout the year, The Tampa Order
    arms themselves with “Safe-R-Sex Kits,” which contain a condom,
    a package of lubricant, and information on proper use, as
    well as a synopsis on The Sisters. Children, should they be in the
    crowd, are, of course, never handed the packets.
    “It must be hard, approaching people with condoms when
    you’re in drag and white face, dressed as a nun!” I said, trying
    to picture myself getting out there on a Barbie Scooter
    and handing out prophylactics to the masses. The make-up alone, I
    was told, takes over an hour to perfect for each intricate face.
    “It’s really much easier than you may think,” commented
    Sister Freda Swallow. “People love us, and the safer sex kits give
    us a reason to go talk to them, to spread our message, and to
    hopefully make a difference. They really respond well to our
    brand of — direct marketing — shall we say?”
    “Sometimes, they respond too well!” Sister Merry Widow
    exclaimed, followed by another collective giggle.
    “How so?” I asked.
    “Well, for some reason,” interjected Agatha, “the cutest
    boys want to come talk to you when you’re in a dress, tights, and
    white face. My only explanation is, perhaps they are drawn to
    our energy.”
    “Tell me about some of your events.” I asked. “I know about
    your regular appearances at Pride events, St Pete and Tampa
    alike. What else have you done?”
    “Sugar,” Guard Iva Bigwun spoke up, “Did you even glance
    at our website?”
    At this, I had to laugh at myself. I had indeed seen the
    website, but I never got past the photo gallery. Sister Jacqueline
    stood and began naming all the good deeds that The Tampa
    Sisters have done since their inception.
    “Originally, there were of course the Pride marches, during
    which we handed out flyers that spoke out against bare backing.
    With the help of Club Z-109, we have thrown two annual Wig
    Drives, which benefited the American Cancer Society. We regularly
    appear at the Tampa Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, most
    notably, during an election year when we hand out flyers to keep
    the community from sleeping with the GOP. We hoped to sway
    the vote in support of Human Rights. The slogan was “Take a
    stand — don’t lie down.” Last year, at the festival, we introduced
    a film about the L.A. Sisters, and prayed for a lone protestor.”
    “Yes, I remember.” I said, recalling a photo in the Gazette, in
    which Sister Agatha and Sister Jacqueline were seen in a crowd.
    They were silently praying upward for a man with a bullhorn who,
    apparently alone, was speaking out against the film festival.
    “The folks at the Hub (a downtown Tampa landmark bar)
    had our back, too.” Sister Agatha said. “A few of us were also
    photographed by Covivant Gallery during the Family Values
    Portrait installment, and later performed at the “STOP RONDA”
    rally put on by the Gallery and Skippers Smokehouse. We sang
    a little ditty on stage there called “My God,” where we said what
    we had to say about the goings-on with the County Commission.
    We were such a hit, that we were asked to perform the
    number again at the MCC Church in Tampa following our
    second annual wig drive. Reverend Phyllis and the congregation
    loved us, especially our song that largely spoke of the general
    concept of a God that doesn’t hate.”
    “And then there’s BINGO!” Sister Freda announced, joining
    Jacqueline in standing to orate. “Every six weeks at the Tampa
    Metro Center, or at the St. Pete Metro Center, (rotating turns)
    The Sisters host a Bingo event. The first two Bingos were to
    benefit the respective centers, both of which do amazing work
    for the GLBT community. Our next Bingo on July 29 will be at the
    Tampa Metro Center on N Florida Ave at North St. at 7 PM. That
    will benefit Metro Charities HIV/AIDS Programs and our Sisters
    501(c) (3) Fund.”
    I was honestly overwhelmed. Here was a group of men dressed
    in costumes that I once thought mocking, never fully realizing how
    many wonderful things they had done in just two years. Which
    made me wonder: What were their plans for the future? What of this
    “World Domination” mentioned on the website?
    But as I opened my mouth to attempt to open this can of
    worms, I blinked, and in a second they were gone. The Sisters,
    the cookies, and even the tea were all gone. All that was left was
    the echo of giggling throughout the empty convent.
    I’m pretty sure they even “borrowed” my car.
    I later learned that as an organization, The Sisters are focused
    on the equality and enrichment of the gay and lesbian community
    and yes, eventually the world. Although their bylaws suggest
    they do not take a stance on political issues, they will always
    be found standing up and speaking against what is unjust or
    damaging to the gay and lesbian community. As Agatha mentioned,
    somewhere between my third and fourth cup of what
    she called The Sister’s special blend, “When you have a message
    — any message — and you need the public to hear it, how can
    you not be a teensy bit political?”
    As I walked home, I reflected on my interview and tea with
    The Sisters. I think I may visit the website again,
    and learn more about these fascinating creatures of good will.
    I’m definitely going to their next bingo event on Saturday, July
    29 at 7 PM at the Tampa Metro Center on Florida and North Street.
    I still wonder what was in that tea…
    Sisters continued from page 5

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    Return to Mars

    It’s past midnight, Earth time, and the big skylight in the roof of our yurt peers up into the splash of brilliant stars careening through the cold night sky. Far from city lights and surrounded by wildlife, yet snug with a lover in a comfortable bed in a funky round cabin, we have returned to Camp Mars.
    Winter weather draws campers even closer, huddled around wood fires to roast foiled s’mores with marshmallow fluff and Ghirardelli chocolate chips. All smiles and sugargoop, oiled by a few brews, stories unfurl like smoke. The young one came from Ft. Lauderdale, where he edits adult web sites. Those two are from Miami, and are celebrating their third (week) anniversary with a Mars safari. The cowboy in the other yurt is fair dinkum, a real southern gentleman with polished boots and a black hat.
    It’s Wildlife Weekend, and the daylight action included a scavenger hunt. I seem to have left my pink high heels at home, and the Secret Message from Space also eluded me. But there
    were apparently some very well prepared — ahem — Boyscouts at this camp, it seems, for a number of pumps and other surprises materialized on the judging table at the weekly sunset potlatch.
    Also on the judging agenda for Wildlife Weekend: birdhouse decorating. This surprisingly amusing contest had campers paint and decorate a variety of houses provided by Camp Mars.

    The winner was a rainbow-shingled bungalow with a patio, complete with drinks and umbrella, with a little TV inside and porn on the screen. Truly fit for those penguins in New York when they come to vacation in Florida’s outback!
    If all this sounds a bit tame for Wildlife Weekend, it might be. Campers here often rejoice in the mellow mood and are grateful for the quiet after staying at other rowdier gay  campgrounds.
    Still, Mars has a naughty “hut” and a nature trail with certain sexy surprises. And I am pretty sure I heard the cowboy holler Yee-Ha in his yurt sometime around two a.m. So it’s definitely not your mom’s preferred getaway.
    Then again, Korin has happily weathered hurricanes and honky-tonk parties to be the solitary woman resident at Camp Mars. “There were over a dozen of us cowering on the floor of
    the women’s bathroom during the Charlie.” And then there was another horrible storm, and another! But she says, despite losing a few (tree) limbs, nobody got hurt and soon enough all of the residents and camp owner Dale Dunston put things back together better than ever. Two new roads for resident campers reach into the pasture near the pool.
    But there is still plenty of nature and countryside all around.  Camp Mars is (hysterically) near Venus, Florida. Go past Arcadia to Highway 27. Ten miles south to the middle of not much, swing right to Venus, left on Goff and straight ahead into another landscape! It’s a two hour drive from Tampa Bay, but meditative Moon River on the far side of Crater Lake is so distant from the mania of 275 that you might as well be on Mars. FMI

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