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City Pays $20K for Banning Gay Musical

The Advocate Reports:

The city of Milwaukee issued a check for $20,000 to the Milwaukee Gay Arts Center on Wednesday after a court rules a forced closure of Naked Boys Singing! was unconstitutional.
The city ordered that the musical close in August 2005 in the face of content complaints and licensing suspicion, according toPlaybill. City ordinances mandated that the Common Council of Milwaukee, which was not scheduled to meet until after the show’s run would have ended, review the license.
The Gay Arts Center’s nonprofit status, however, allowed for a settlement in its favor. Nonprofits are not required to undergo the same licensing procedures as for-profit organizations in Milwaukee. The city awarded the group a $20,000 settlement and clarified the licensing procedure for nonprofits.

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high school players should attend college before the nbaAdd the number of wins and losses for each team to determine the total number of games played. Then take the number custom jerseys of wins a specific team has an divide it by the number of games played. Ever since, the champions of the NFC and the AFC have been playing the Super Bowl. The team that wins gets Vince Lombardi trophy, which has been named after the Green wholesale jerseys china Bay Packers’ coach.. Luckily for Phoenix, a guardian angel was waiting in the wings. A nearby man saw the state of Phoenix’s vehicle, noted the gasoline pouring into the overturned car, and saw Phoenix reaching for his lighter. Also, be close enough that you can reach straight out and touch him. That way you’re close enough to jump on a bad touch and turn the ball the other way.. Hence it cheap jerseys is most important that every individual tries to understand the others viewpoint without bias or prejudice. Never say my viewpoint is right and that you must follow the same We must ourselves first understand and then help others understand and studiously stay away from verbal duels unless of course in those rare and exceptional case it cannot be adhered to.. He will be permitted to play in the Bengals’ Week 3 game and ESPN’s Adam Schefter quoted sources close to the situation as being confident that Benson has a “strong case” in his appeal of the ban. As CBS Sports’ Ryan Wilson points out, this would be the first case of a player being suspended or fined for behavior during the lockout.. Especially now. Our interest and concerns are heightened by this issue. Second, we had a strong start hockey jerseys to the year in Q1, exceeding our expectation across many of our businesses. Customers continued to adopt our commercial cloud services and we again saw increased user engagement in Windows ecosystem with key services like search and gaming. If you are not sure if the test is computerized or written, take some anyways replica oakleys just in case. Better to be prepared and look prepared in the eyes of a possible future employer.. The Coast Guard said it did not receive a Replica ray bans distress signal.The men were aboard an Everglades manufactured boat, which is built with compressed foam encased in Fiberglas, making it difficult to sink. The weather had improved, with waves subsiding to Cheap NFL Jerseys 6 to 8 feet, National Weather Service meteorologist Todd Barron said.However, Bob Zales, president of National Association of Charter Boat Operators, said waves that high can capsize a boat the size of Cooper’s.”A boat that size, personally, I wouldn’t get out any farther than 20 or 30 miles offshore,” Zales said.

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