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‘Define Me’ – Ryan Amador (featuring Jo Lampert)

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280696_aaFrom ground breaking gay Chinese film maker Cui Zi’en (Feeding Boys, Ayaya, Star Appeal) comes a tender and touching tale about a father and son trying to reconcile their separate lives. Ray, a tall, thin and handsome young man returns to live with his father after having grown up with grandfather. He is angry and disconnected over his father’s middle class life style and hard line ways. Ray enrolls in art school where he makes a new friends and starts a relationship with a another student. One morning, Dad discovers the two young men naked in bed and, after being surprised, must begin to understand his own feelings toward homosexuality. Then Ray meets Bo, one of his dad’s top employees. From the start, sparks fly and Ray falls in love. But Bo is to be married, how will the two connect and what will Ray’s father think? Brilliantly shot, this art house film shows gay life in China in a different light than ever before. Written and Directed by Cui Zi’en Produced by Liu Shujing and Wang Weiming Featuring: Wang Junrui, Wang Weiming, Yu Bo, Wang Guifeng and Li Ziqiang China/2007/92 Mins./Color/Chinese w/English subtitles

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