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EDITORIAL Let’s Be Adult: Gay Marriage vs. ?

It seems there are two sides, at least, to the whole Gay Marriage issue, which (by the way) seems to be of much more concern to non-gay people than to men who love men. Either you are for settling down and being just like a traditional religiously and socially mandated male/female relationship – or you carry on like an obsessed, sex-crazed bohemian. Surely there is a middle way.

As gay men we have the pleasures and responsibilities of living outside the box. Our morals, behaviors and needs are not necessarily the same as a male/female couple. Some gay men try their best to create the “perfect relationship” they envision, including even marriage vows and mortgages. Other gay men live completely free of emotional or economic commitment and fill their social worlds with fleeting sexual encounters.

“The Netherlands was the first country to allow same-sex marriage in 2001. Same-sex marriages are also recognized in Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Spain, and the U.S. state of Massachusetts and in dispute in Iowa as of early September 2007 where a district court judge issued a stay of his ruling that Iowa’s ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional. Two male college students became the first same-sex couple to marry in Iowa before Judge Robert Hanson, in Polk County District Court, filed an order to delay the issuing of any more marriage licenses to same-sex couples in Iowa pending further review of the district court’s ruling.”

Infidelity is defined by as “marital disloyalty; adultery; a breach of trust or a disloyal act; transgression…” In gay relationships, perhaps more than mainstream society, there is often an openness and a trust that allows for sexual experimentation. After all, that is what defines us as different. So fooling around isn’t always against the rules – sometimes it is part of the rules. Gay men, and in fact all persons, get to make their own rules … in real time and on a per-person basis.

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Can You Understand Your Ego?

Today’s world of over-stimulation and over-mental stress
has conditioned the planet’s world population into a frenzied
minefield. Being in our heads is a voracious norm that
is always looking for ideas, concepts, something to do.
Thus our belief systems strive to create an identity, not by who
we are, but by what we know. We strongly identify by what we
do for work or what we are striving for as an identity.
This is how the ego comes into existence. It wants to
feel special by creating a sense of self that is individual,
separate, designer limited-edition, if you will, thus defining
your worth and public image.
When you speak about yourself using the word “I,” who
are you describing? Usually you are talking about the
everyday you, the mundane self with its perceptions, opinions
and stories. It’s the accumulated personality side of your self
that expresses its likes dislikes, fears and desires.
The ego is never really satisfied for long, and there is
always some new goal to reach, challenge to overcome,
and the restlessness to think ahead to “what’s next?” which
is based in the future. It always negates being in the now.
The truth is it’s always now and never anyplace else, yet our
culture and our ego do not like this. You have to face
yourself if you slow down and quiet the mind.
When you observe your self, when you recognize your
behavior, your contradictions and your double standards, you
become honest. When that happens what part of You is watching
You? It is your Higher Self, the spiritual parent in you who can own
up to his or her own ego. Then you get a true sense of the oneness
of all people. If one of us is precious then we all are.
When all is said and done, what will be left of all the
events that entangle you in struggle and conflict? What will
be the end result of all your life’s activities including your
fears, offenses and frustrations? “A dash, between the date of
birth and the date of death on your gravestone.” (taken from the
book Stillness Speaks, by Eckhart Tolle). To your ego this is a
somber thought, but your soul, your Higher Self knows it’s true.
Understanding your ego does not mean to vilify it. You
don’t want to think ’Bad ego, Bad ego!” Parts of the
creativity, expression, and style are the parts of ego that
make you unique inherently but without false sense of
pride. Many artists are known for their heartfelt passion and
inspirational works which come from the heart. You can
see when a project has content or if it is more commercial and
of less quality. We are the same in our awareness. Sometimes we
are aware, conscious, living a full life and not being the victim, and
sometimes, when our ego is unbalanced and overrides our
spiritual nature, we are less than we can be — and those around
us know it. Religionists would call this sin, but the concept of sin
is archaic and keeps people in psychological bondage. That too
is ego-based.
Your ego always seeks control, like a runaway appetite
left unchecked. It needs, wants to acquire more, wanting to
look good. The ego wants to feel more secure, more
complete but can even ferment our spiritual health with
dogma causing dividing lines and separation. This is why on
our whole planet the need to own up to the problems our
ego causes us, politically, financially and spiritually is
needed. We all say we want peace and unity and equality.
We all say we want relationships without conflict but few
people can tolerate peace for long. Our ego makes conflict
where there is none. Where would the believers of an
exclusive religion be with out the unbelievers? Nations
combine patriotism with religion and cause major pain. The
collective ego always finds new ways to find mind-made
morality, fault finding and superiority.
So for you dear reader, your Soul, your Super Consciousness
that is housed within each of your cells is able
to connect to the Originator of Life itself at any given
moment. You truly are precious beyond the ego, as one of
the many orchids in the field. The life energy centered
around your heart is willing to glow, motivate and rush in
oceans of love forgiveness, creativity, and peace.
Count your blessings. See every one, especially those
you don’t like, as mirrors of yourself. Be the observer of
your ego and watch it quiet down, shift and behave. With
awareness comes transformation and freedom! And so it is.

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