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State of Unions in Hawaii

Same-sex marriage was passed by the Hawaii State Legislature on November 13, 2013 and has been available since December 2, 2013

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Expression 808

Whether you’re looking for the number to find out where Dignity Honolulu’s monthly free movie night is or pictures of the gogo dancers from Hula’s 39th anniversary Expression 808 has you covered.  They specialize in Hawaii’s Asian and Pacific Islander LGBT community.  They also have entertainment news and a video of Esera Tuaolo playing the ukelele in a really tight shirt ?

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Social Security Only In “Legal” States

The Social Security Administration announced on Friday that it will begin offering partner benefits to same-sex couples, but  BuzzFeed reports the benefits will not be applied as consistently as some other federal benefits available to same-sex couples since the Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act.  For now only married same-sex couples who live in a state that recognizes their marriages will be eligible to receive the Social Security spousal benefit. Continue reading Social Security Only In “Legal” States

Gay Marriage Battleground States

In just the past year, six states legalized same-sex marriage though the political process. Legislatures are being pressed in three other states that are likely to follow suit: New Jersey, Hawaii and Illinois. In Oregon, an effort to reverse a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage through a November 2014 ballot measure is under way. Challenges to similar bans in Nevada, Colorado and Ohio could be in store for November 2016.

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