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The Good Men Project

What makes for a good man? That is the question asked by a book and now an online magazine. The Good Men Project: Real Stories from the Front Lines of Modern Manhood is an anthology of thirty-one essays by a broad range of men—rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight, urban, rural, famous, ordinary—all writing about the challenges, obstacles, triumphs, failures, and defining moments they encounter. Collectively, their experiences help to define what it means to be a man in America today.

The book launched on November 15, 2009, concurrently with the DVD of a documentary film of the same title, directed and produced by renowned filmmaker Matt Gannon. The book and DVD are available at,, and select independent bookshops.

Contributors to the book include Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Charlie LeDuff and Not That You Asked essayist Steve Almond. An NFL Hall of Famer, a former Sing Sing inmate, and a Pultizer Prize–nominated photojournalist in Iraq are among the other contributors. In addition, the book includes the winning essay from The Good Men Project’s national writing contest, Perry Glasser’s Iowa Black Dirt, about a man who unexpectedly gains full custody of his 8-year-old full Irrational Man film

“This all started with the idea that men of our generation have stories to tell,” notes Good Men Project co-founder James Houghton. “And what is striking about the stories in the book is not just the breadth of experience and shared humanity that is expressed, but also the desire for so many men to talk, given our cultural bias to put on the good face and hold it all together.”


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Bruce Weber

Today we look at the photography and videography of Bruce Weber (born March 29, 1946 in Greensburg, Pennsylvania) an American  fashion photographer  and occasional filmmaker.  He is most widely known for his ad campaigns for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Pirelli, Abercrombie & Fitch, Revlon, and Gianni Versace, as well as his work for Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Elle, Life, Interview, and Rolling Stone magazines.

After doing photo shoots for and of famous individuals (many of whom were featured in Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine), Bruce entered the realm of filmmaking, making short films of teenage boxers (Broken Noses),  jazz trumpeter Chet Baker (Let’s Get Lost),  his beloved pet dogs, and later, a longer film entitled Chop Suey.

Weber created the fashion label Weberbilt in 2003; his first line, “eat, swim, sex, sleep”, went on sale in boutiques in London and Miami Beach, Florida in 2004.


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Mile High Gay Guy


MileHighGayGuy: Since its debut in 2007, has grown to become Colorado’s premier gay blog. Updated daily with Colorado and Denver news, views, information, politics, nightlife, entertainment, sports, culture, and personalities, has been featured in Instinct magazine, the Denver Post, and Out Front Colorado, as well as many other publications, and on,,,, and other websites.

Drew Wilson: Drew Wilson writes and runs Before he was MileHighGayGuy, he spent ten years as Editor of Out Front Colorado, Colorado’s oldest and largest LGBT publication.

He has worked in radio, co-hosting a gay-themed two-hour weekly news and entertainment program for Clear Channel Communications and as a correspondent for KGNU Community Radio, and on television as a correspondent for The Lambda Report and Colorado OutSpoken. He has appeared as a guest on Studio 12 and Colorado Inside Out, written for US Weekly, Instinct magazine, MetroMode,,, and Alyson Books, and has been the official blogger for Denver PrideFest – one of the Top Ten PrideFest celebrations in the country – for the past three years.

Wilson was recently named ‘Out Front Colorado’s’ Editor’s Pick for Best Blogger for the 2010 OUTstanding Awards.

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Pierre Bernard, yoga’s American proselytizer.

Several decades ago, you would have received a baffled stare if you had asked a stranger what a “downward facing dog” was. Today most strangers would nod knowingly and point you to their yoga studio, where the “downward facing dog” (feet and hands planted on the ground, torso stretched into an inverted “V”) and other poses are common practices for the more than 20 million people who study yoga in the U.S.

[BOOKREVIEW1] Bernard Collection, Historical Society of Rockland County Doing yoga outdoors in New York.

But yoga wasn’t always mainstream, as Robert Love informs us in “The Great Oom,” his rollicking and well-researched history of yoga’s early days in America. The spiritual discipline that has colonized America’s gyms and trendy loft spaces was once a fringe practice, its advocates treated as charlatans and, occasionally, criminals. Yoga’s cultural rise is a story of scandal, financial shenanigans, bodily discipline, oversize egos and bizarre love triangles, with a few performing elephants thrown in for good measure.

Mr. Love tells his story through the life of one of yoga’s earliest promoters, Pierre Bernard—known as the “Great Oom”—a zany man whose talent for self-invention rivaled that of P.T. Barnum. Born Perry Baker in Leon, Iowa, in 1876, Bernard’s early and serendipitous meeting with an Indian tutor in 1889 put him on the path to promoting yoga as his life’s work.

The “hatha yoga” that Bernard learned from his tutor emphasized postures (called asanas) as well as controlled breathing techniques and a range of “meditative arts.” His education also included “tantric yoga,” whose goal is to “merge the individual’s soul with the ultimate reality, divinity, or god.” Yoga’s origins reach back to ancient India, where it developed alongside Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

Bernard Collection, Historical Society of Rockland CountyMr. Bernard’s acolytes flexing their muscles outdoors in New York.


Becoming yoga’s U.S. champion was not an obviously wise career move for Pierre Bernard. (He changed his name around 1896 to give himself a more mystical aura.) Over the course of his lifetime, Mr. Love writes, “yoga was labeled a criminal fraud and an abomination against the purity of American women. It was associated with sexual promiscuity and kicked to the fringes of society.”

But Bernard was a believer. He soon became a lauded hypnotist in 1890s San Francisco. During one demonstration, he used “mind control” to put himself in a trance that he claimed left him immune to pain. As the crowd watched, a doctor pushed pins through Bernard’s earlobes and cheeks and rammed a “large ladies hat pin” through his tongue—or so the newspapers reported. A bloodied Bernard awoke and showed his fitness by promptly hypnotizing someone else.

[BOOKREVIEW6] Bernard Collection, Historical Society of Rockland CountyPierre Bernard, yoga’s American proselytizer.

As Bernard’s reputation grew, he became a sought-after personal guru to wealthy San Francisco residents and established a “Tantrik Order” of disaffected socialites, artists and musicians who lived communally and practiced mystical rites—including yoga, which, Bernard promised, would bring its adherents a direct connection to the divine. Like many a guru before and since, he had his choice of sexual partners, from whom he demanded absolute loyalty and not a little forbearance, given his carefree attitude toward monogamy. Most of the women didn’t seem to mind; one 19-year-old declared herself “cured of her heart trouble and in fine spirits” after a months-long involvement with the guru.

But Bernard’s open sexual practices eventually cause trouble. In an era when hysteria over “white slavery” and prostitution dominated the news, his conduct fed into a “moral panic” (as Mr. Love puts it) fueled by yellow journalists and the purity crusader Anthony Comstock. In 1910, after relocating with his acolytes to New York City, Bernard was charged with having “inveigled and enticed” a young woman “for the purpose of sexual intercourse.” Although the charges were eventually dismissed, the taint lingered, and Bernard—whom newspapers dubbed “the Great Oom” after the common yoga chant “Om”—and his yogic band fled to more bucolic prospects in Nyack, N.Y.

There, with financial support from the Vanderbilt family— especially Anne Vanderbilt, whose daughters studied yoga with Bernard—he established a yoga center on an old Nyack estate. According to Mr. Love, it catered to “the idle wealthy with recreation, parties, and celebrity buzz” and promoted a philosophy of “self-expression, diet, and an attention to inner cleanliness” that included a startling devotion to colonics.

As Bernard’s fortunes improved so did his desire to bring his enterprise into the mainstream. He started calling his Nyack property the “Clarkstown Country Club” and sponsoring theater performances, circus-like entertainments (complete with elephants) and even a baseball team. His marriage to a former vaudevillian performer ensured that he had a partner in charming the needy heiresses on whom his fortunes often relied.


The Great Oom

By Robert Love
Viking, 402 pages, $27.95

Bernard’s luck faltered during the Depression, as did his relationship with the Vanderbilts. The club was soon in arrears. Yoga’s appeal, however, was just beginning to spread. By the 1950s an increasing number of Americans were practicing yoga, seeing it less as a cultish practice than as a means of restoring one’s health in the stressful modern world. Bernard became a Miss Havisham figure, spending his final years alone, wandering around his decaying manse in Nyack. He died in 1955, at age 79, but many of his devotees went on to become teachers themselves and trained a new generation of yoga students who in turn spread the gospel of good health through yoga.

Today yoga flourishes even in the Great Oom’s home state of Iowa, and the yoga industrial complex has broadened to include magazines, books, clothing and celebrity followers. Eager students can study Christian yoga (or “Yahweh Yoga,” as it is sometimes called) and Jewish Yoga, where students replace “om” with “shalom.” What was once exotic is now simply part of America’s multicultural mix.

Mr. Love has the gift of the good biographer: He has sympathy for his subject’s “flamboyant weirdness” but the rigor to present him for what he was. Although yoga was an import, Pierre Bernard was an example of a fascinating American type: the spiritual entrepreneur. His life reminds us that the appeal of spiritual cures that promise practical results is not a new phenomenon; it is an enduring part of our country’s history. If our current pursuit of “wellness” is any guide, it will remain so for the foreseeable future.

—Ms. Rosen is senior editor of The New Atlantis: A Journal of Technology & Society.

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Graeme Mitchell

A little about Photographer Graeme Mitchell:
“Born in Manitoba in 1980. Moved with family to various small towns in the Pacific Northwest. Studied Literature. Raced bicycles and raced and coached alpine skiing. Relocated to NYC in ‘05. Currently focusing on fashion and portrait photography. Enthusiastic about traditional black and white work, challenging his subjects, collaborating with his talented team, and not compromising. Is attracted to photography because of the inherent limitations and at the same time the immense possibilities of the medium. Believes in art, and, incidentally, love.”

See more photos here

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Boy at the Beach

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Herbert List

threoBALTIC SEA, Germany—Wrestling Boys, 1933.
© Herbert List / Magnum Photos

Herbert List (German, 1903-75) was a classically educated artist who combined a love of photography with a fascination for Surrealism and Classicism. List rose to become the most prominent photographer of the Fotografia Metafisica style. He has described his images as “composed visions where [my] arrangements try to capture the magical essence inhabiting and animating the world of appearances.” Here, Magnum and Slate present one area of his oeuvre: his exquisite studies of young men in top form.

Born into a prosperous Hamburg merchant family, List begins in 1921 an apprenticeship at a Heidelberg coffee dealer and studies literature and art history at Heidelberg University. The young man takes photographs during his travels between 1924-1928 for the coffee business of his father, as yet without any artistic pretensions.

In 1930, his artistic leanings and connections to the European avant-garde bring him together with Andreas Feininger. Feininger introduces him to the Rolleiflex, a more sophisticated camera facilitating deliberate composition of his images. Under the binary influence of the surrealist movement on one side and Bauhaus artists on the other, List starts to develop his own style by photographing still life images and friends. He describes his images as being composed visions where his arrangements try to capture the magical essence inhabiting and animating the world of appearances.

When he leaves Germany in 1936 for political and personal reasons, he turns his hobby into a profession. He works in Paris and London, meets George Hoyningen-Huene, who refers him to Harper’s Bazaar for some projects. Unsatisfied with the work of a fashion photographer, he focuses on composing still life pictures in studios instead. The images created here will be compared later to the paintings of Max Ernst and Giorgio de Chirico. List becomes the most prominent photographer representative of a style called fotografia metafisica.

herbert_list_3Greece is List’s main interest from 1937 to 1939. After his first visit to the antique temples, sculptures and landscapes, his first solo show in Paris opens in the summer of 1937. Publications in Life, Photographie, Verve and Harpers Bazaar follow and List works on his first book called “Licht Ueber Hellas”, which won’t be published until 1953. During his work in Athens, List hopes to escape the war but is forced by the invading troops to return to Germany in 1941. Some of his work, which is stored in a hotel in Paris, is lost forever. Because of his Jewish family descent, List is not allowed to publish or work officially in Germany.

Portraits of Berard, Cocteau, Honnegger and Picasso during a short visit to Paris and a series on the Panoptikum in Vienna characterize List’s main work before the war ends in 1945. In 1946 he photographs the ruins of war-torn Munich and becomes art editor of HEUTE, an American magazine for the German public. More portraits of European artists and photo-essays for European and American magazines follow.

In 1951 Herbert List meets Robert Capa, who convinces him to work as a contributor to Magnum. List turns his interest towards Italy from 1950 to 1961: from street scenes to contemplative photoessays – from architectual views to portraits of international artists living in Italy. In 1953 he discovers the 35 mm camera with the telephoto lens. His work is now more spontanous and is influenced by his Magnum colleague Henri Cartier Bresson and the Italian Neo Realism film mouvement. List completes several book projects in the following years: Licht Ueber Hellas (1953), Rome (1955), Caribia (1958), Nigeria (1961) and Napoli (1962) in collaboration with Vittorio de Sica.

In the mid 60s List gradually loses interest in photography. His collection of Italian Old Master Drawings absorbs his full attention, involving numerous trips to collectors, museums and auctions mainly in Italy, London, Paris and New York. He dies in Munich in 1975.

Learn more at the List Estate web site.

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Gay Germans Get Pension Rights

By Jessica Geen • October 22, 2009 – 16:41

Germany’s high court today ruled that civil partners of government employees are eligible to receive the same pension rights as their straight married counterparts.

The Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe, the highest court in the country, heard the case of a Hamburg public servant who had been in his job since 1991.

The public-sector pension company VBL had refused to consider him in the same way as a married person, despite the fact he had been in a civil partnership for eight years.

Under VBL’s stance, he would have received €74 less each month than a heterosexual married man, while his partner would receive no surviving dependants’ pension if he died.

The court ruled today that VBL’s position was unconstitutional.

According to The Local, the unnamed man’s lawyer Dirk Siegfried said: “I see this as a very big step for the equality of homosexual marriage not only for employee pensions, but in many other areas too.”

In August, the same court confirmed that gay and lesbian people can adopt their partner’s children, overturning a previous court ruling.

Read the rest of the story at Pink News.

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Jeff Stryker Sings!

Here is one song named Bigger than life performed by Jeff Stryker from a classic gay porn film named Bigger than life(1986) too.Its funny and actually not so bad,so just enjoy:)

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