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Erasure at the Grand Ol’ Opry?

By John Chambrone
TAMPA—After Andy Bell’s solo outing last year, some people worried about the future of Erasure. Fear not however. The synth-pop dup are back with an acoustic album that has more of a country feel to it than their usual fare. Acoustic? And country? Erasure really pulls it off. Fans who are used to the synthesized sounds of the dance popsters are in for a treat. Vocally, Bell is capable of many things, and doesn’t need Vince Clarke’s musical wizardry on the synthesizer to make songs great — it just accentuates Bell’s already stellar vocal range. “It makes such a difference singing with acoustic instruments,” Bell says. “There’s more space. When you’re using electronics they soak up part of the voice. With strings, the voice seems to
vibrate off of them.”
The duo looked back on their 20-year career and chose nearly a dozen songs for an extreme makeover. Recorded in guitarist Steve Walsh’s Union Street studio, the duo utilized Walsh’s guitar skills as well as the studio name for their current release, Union Street. “It was great going back through those songs, some of which I hadn’t listened to properly since we made them. We just felt there were songs on our albums that had been missed as songs.” Clarke said. “We wanted to show the songs in a different light, and to show that they could work on any instrument,  synthesizer or guitar. We’re going to be the first band ever to cross over from pop to country.” Bell also joked about wanting to play the Grand Ole Opry. They may not be performing there yet, but they will be opening their tour in Nashville on May 6 at the Opry’s original home, tha Ryman Auditorium.Many of the songs chosen for the release had been minor hits and B sides. This tour will be totally stripped down. No big productions, just the songs you know and love, and of course, the newer/older ones that you will be falling for.
In 1985, Clarke decided to do something new. The Depeche Mode and Yaz alum felt it was time to begin a new chapter in his musical life. After auditioning forty potential singers, he heard ex-butcher Bell sing. Their creative chemistry clicked instantly and that was it. The duo has since had an incredible run, including 32 consecutive top 40 singles in their home of the United Kingdom, as well as international success. Their fame has reached to our shores too. Erasure spent a record-breaking ten-night stand in New York City last year.

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Gay Buying Power Projected at $641 Billion

WASHINGTON DC—The total buying power of the U.S. gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) adult population in 2006 is projected to be $641 billion, according to the latest analysis by Witeck-Combs Communications and Packaged Facts (a division of The estimate was
originally derived in a joint study by both organizations entitled, “The U.S. Gay and Lesbian Market.” In 2005, the gay buying power projection was estimated at $610 billion, comparing favorably with the African-American, Hispanic and Asian markets.
In sharing the 2006 projection, Bob Witeck, CEO of Witeck- Combs Communications said, “Estimating buying power is a standard business tool for companies and policy decision-makers. This offers us a snapshot of the dynamic economic activity of America’s diverse gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender population.” Since 1993, Witeck-Combs Communications, Inc.
has provided expert marketing communications counsel to Fortune 500 companies in their strategies to reach the gay consumer market.

Witeck emphasized that “buying power does not equate with wealth nor can one infer that same-sex households are more affluent than others. We have seen evidence from researchers that gay men may earn slightly less than their heterosexual counterparts.”
He added that, “the 2000 U.S. Census data on same-sex couples supports the conclusion, however, that gay populations are more concentrated in major metro areas, and less likely to live in rural areas — a characteristic generally associated with higher than average income. Second, same-sex couples are less likely than their married heterosexual counterparts to have children, and they are more likely to have both partners in the workforce,
factors which yield higher per capita household income, especially in the case of gay male couples.”
Wesley Combs, President of Witeck-Combs Communications, added: “In today’s competitive marketplace, it is no longer prudent for a leading corporation to ignore the buying power of the gay market. Marketers that do risk leaving market share on the table for others to capture.”

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Return to Mars

It’s past midnight, Earth time, and the big skylight in the roof of our yurt peers up into the splash of brilliant stars careening through the cold night sky. Far from city lights and surrounded by wildlife, yet snug with a lover in a comfortable bed in a funky round cabin, we have returned to Camp Mars.
Winter weather draws campers even closer, huddled around wood fires to roast foiled s’mores with marshmallow fluff and Ghirardelli chocolate chips. All smiles and sugargoop, oiled by a few brews, stories unfurl like smoke. The young one came from Ft. Lauderdale, where he edits adult web sites. Those two are from Miami, and are celebrating their third (week) anniversary with a Mars safari. The cowboy in the other yurt is fair dinkum, a real southern gentleman with polished boots and a black hat.
It’s Wildlife Weekend, and the daylight action included a scavenger hunt. I seem to have left my pink high heels at home, and the Secret Message from Space also eluded me. But there
were apparently some very well prepared — ahem — Boyscouts at this camp, it seems, for a number of pumps and other surprises materialized on the judging table at the weekly sunset potlatch.
Also on the judging agenda for Wildlife Weekend: birdhouse decorating. This surprisingly amusing contest had campers paint and decorate a variety of houses provided by Camp Mars.

The winner was a rainbow-shingled bungalow with a patio, complete with drinks and umbrella, with a little TV inside and porn on the screen. Truly fit for those penguins in New York when they come to vacation in Florida’s outback!
If all this sounds a bit tame for Wildlife Weekend, it might be. Campers here often rejoice in the mellow mood and are grateful for the quiet after staying at other rowdier gay  campgrounds.
Still, Mars has a naughty “hut” and a nature trail with certain sexy surprises. And I am pretty sure I heard the cowboy holler Yee-Ha in his yurt sometime around two a.m. So it’s definitely not your mom’s preferred getaway.
Then again, Korin has happily weathered hurricanes and honky-tonk parties to be the solitary woman resident at Camp Mars. “There were over a dozen of us cowering on the floor of
the women’s bathroom during the Charlie.” And then there was another horrible storm, and another! But she says, despite losing a few (tree) limbs, nobody got hurt and soon enough all of the residents and camp owner Dale Dunston put things back together better than ever. Two new roads for resident campers reach into the pasture near the pool.
But there is still plenty of nature and countryside all around.  Camp Mars is (hysterically) near Venus, Florida. Go past Arcadia to Highway 27. Ten miles south to the middle of not much, swing right to Venus, left on Goff and straight ahead into another landscape! It’s a two hour drive from Tampa Bay, but meditative Moon River on the far side of Crater Lake is so distant from the mania of 275 that you might as well be on Mars. FMI

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Joe Redner Comes Out In Defense of Gay Rights

It’s a question for our times: How do we challenge stupid laws? Joe Redner knows all about stupid laws and he can be quick to action when he sees them. Redner, an infamous political
gadfly, nudie nightclub owner and free speech vigilante recently “came out” in opposition to June’s legislative fiasco barring “Hillsbilly” county officials from acknowledging or participating in gay events.
“I sued them because they incensed me with their inhumanity,” fumed Redner. “Singling out a group of people for no reason whatsoever for disparate treatment and taking them out of the normal realm of County business is wrong. That they cannot be treated with dignity and respect by the County — it incensed me for that to happen to me and my fellow human beings.” So Redner went to the Hillsborough Circuit Court seeking an injunction against the policy for violating constitutional free speech and equal protection rights.
“The first thing you must understand is that when a law is challenged in court they have to give a reason for it,” says Redner. Laws can be passed for no reason, but they must be defended in court if they want to withstand a challenge. Redner is attempting to make a challenge.

He says “You are not free if the government can pass a law with no justification and then defend it in court by saying ‘We have the right to do it.’ It would be like Hitler. How do we challenge stupid laws? We go to court and make them prove the restriction serves the intent. I say it’s unjustifiable!”
Redner points out that in 1996 the Supreme Court settled a very closely related case. Justice Kennedy delivered the opinion of the Court. “One century ago, the first Justice Harlan admonished this Court  that the Constitution ‘neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens.’ (Plessy v. Ferguson). Unheeded then, those words now are understood to state a commitment to the law’s neutrality where the rights of persons are at stake.  The Equal Protection Clause enforces this principle and today requires us to hold invalid a provision of Colorado’s Constitution.”
Romer v Evans effectively shot down a statewide amendment to the Colorado State Constitution. After various Colorado cities banned discrimination based on sexual orientation, Colorado voted on and passed referendum “Amendment 2” which was supposed to cancel and ban all legislation designed to protect the status of persons based on their “homosexual, lesbian or bisexual orientation, conduct, practices or relationships.”
But it didn’t hold up to Supreme scrutiny. “The State’s principal argument that Amendment 2 puts gays and lesbians in the same position as all other persons by denying them special
rights is rejected as implausible” wrote the Court. Furthermore “The amendment is at once too narrow and too broad, identifying persons by a single trait and then denying them
the possibility of protection across the board. It imposes a broad disability upon those persons alone, forbidding them, but no others, to seek specific legal protection from injuries
caused by discrimination in a wide range of both public and private transactions.”
Justice Kennedy wrote “The Amendment raises the inevitable inference that it is born of animosity toward the class that it affects.” It also raises the question, should “hate legislation” be considered a crime?
Redner remains incensed. “There is no justification, there is no reference. They haven’t given a reason. The law cannot advance the reason or serve the reason if there is no reason!” Redner says the only reason ever given is in the record of the County Commissioner meetings. “The only justification on record is that Ronda Storms didn’t want to have to explain to her children, as she walked by the display, what homosexual meant. I cut that down to meaning she doesn’t want her child to know that there are homosexuals in the world. And that is no justification at all. Here we have a law that cannot be justified.”
So Redner sued the commissioners individually, and was rebuffed at first. County attorneys tried to get Redner’s case dismissed by arguing Redner isn’t personally affected by the ordinance, implying in veiled legalese that Redner isn’t gay. “In fact, there is no allegation that Plaintiff has any concrete or particularized interest at all in gay pride recognition and events,”’ said the county attorneys. So Redner decided it was time to tell the world he is queer as folk.

Whether or not Joe Redner really is light in the loafers may be impossible for the court to officially determine. He says he is currently single, “Free as a breeze,” and experts in First Amendment law suggest it will be difficult to prove anything more than what Redner asserts about his sexuality.
He says so — isn’t that proof enough? What else would you have to do to prove you are gay? “I don’t know if it actually needs an act to be completed,” said First Amendment lawyer Luke
Lirot. “I guess that’s why they call it sexual orientation and not sexual activity.”
Redner says he is ready to take the stand and testify, if that is what will take to get the court to look at this case. He has already attended a party at a local gay nightclub to accept
several awards for coming out.
What’s that you ask: you never got an award for coming out? Joe would laugh at you and say “You never did it for altruistic reasons: to help humanity. Whether I am gay or not, that is what I did it for. It’s not about whether I am a homosexual, because I could have done it for altruistic reasons. When people are persecuted in my fucking name I get upset. This is my country.”

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Sexology is the scientific study of sexual interests, behavior, and function.[1][2] In modern sexology, researchers apply tools from several academic fields, including biology, medicine, psychology, statistics, epidemiology, sociology, anthropology, and criminology. It studies sexual development and the development of sexual relationships as well as the mechanics of sexual intercourse. It also documents the sexualities of special groups, such as the disabled handicapped, children, and the elderly. Sexologists study sexual dysfunctions, disorders, and variations, such as erectile dysfunction, pedophilia, and sexual orientation. Sexological findings can become controversial when they contradict mainstream, religious, or political beliefs.

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Elton John Named Gay Games Ambassador

By Sara O’Brien
Keeping music at the center of the Gay Games has been a long standing tradition for many years. That is why it comes as no surprise that the Federation of Gay Games
has announced that Sir Elton John has become a Gay Games Ambassador.
“Thousands of musicians have participated in the cultural festivals of the Gay Games,” said Sir Elton. “I’m proud of them and what they have accomplished at the Games Elton John Named Gay Games Ambassador and in their home communities. Along with the athletic participants, they challenge the stereotypes from which
oppression grows and consequently bring the world closer together.”
The Gay Games Ambassador program began prior to the 2002 Gay Games VI in Sydney. An International group of prominent individuals make up these Ambassadors.
Charter members included actor Judith Light, Olymipic gold medal swimmer Bruce Hayes, former U.S. Ambassador James Hormel, and photographer Tom Bianchi. Since the 2002 Gay Games the list has become more colorful and diverse with an array of Olympic champions, professional athletes, celebrities, actors and musicians.
“We feel truly honored that Sir Elton John has accepted our invitation to become an Ambassador for the Gay Games,” said Roberto Mantaci, Co-President of the Federation of Gay Games. “For many years, he has been an ‘ambassador’ for the entire LGBT community, particularly through his charitable work, and his contribution has been immense.”
Over the years, music has become the focal point of the Gay Games. The opening and closing ceremonies include pop, classical, jazz, R & B, country and many other styles of music, and that’s just the beginning. In addition to those ceremonies, many memorable performances throughout the week will take place, as well as daily band and choral performances.
“I am thrilled to be involved with the Gay Games. For more than two decades the Gay Games have turned a welldeserved spotlight on athletic and cultural performances by members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and their friends from around the world,” expressed Sir Elton.
Gay Games VII takes place in Chicago from July 15-22, 2006.

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