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Joe Redner Comes Out In Defense of Gay Rights

It’s a question for our times: How do we challenge stupid laws? Joe Redner knows all about stupid laws and he can be quick to action when he sees them. Redner, an infamous political
gadfly, nudie nightclub owner and free speech vigilante recently “came out” in opposition to June’s legislative fiasco barring “Hillsbilly” county officials from acknowledging or participating in gay events.
“I sued them because they incensed me with their inhumanity,” fumed Redner. “Singling out a group of people for no reason whatsoever for disparate treatment and taking them out of the normal realm of County business is wrong. That they cannot be treated with dignity and respect by the County — it incensed me for that to happen to me and my fellow human beings.” So Redner went to the Hillsborough Circuit Court seeking an injunction against the policy for violating constitutional free speech and equal protection rights.
“The first thing you must understand is that when a law is challenged in court they have to give a reason for it,” says Redner. Laws can be passed for no reason, but they must be defended in court if they want to withstand a challenge. Redner is attempting to make a challenge.

He says “You are not free if the government can pass a law with no justification and then defend it in court by saying ‘We have the right to do it.’ It would be like Hitler. How do we challenge stupid laws? We go to court and make them prove the restriction serves the intent. I say it’s unjustifiable!”
Redner points out that in 1996 the Supreme Court settled a very closely related case. Justice Kennedy delivered the opinion of the Court. “One century ago, the first Justice Harlan admonished this Court  that the Constitution ‘neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens.’ (Plessy v. Ferguson). Unheeded then, those words now are understood to state a commitment to the law’s neutrality where the rights of persons are at stake.  The Equal Protection Clause enforces this principle and today requires us to hold invalid a provision of Colorado’s Constitution.”
Romer v Evans effectively shot down a statewide amendment to the Colorado State Constitution. After various Colorado cities banned discrimination based on sexual orientation, Colorado voted on and passed referendum “Amendment 2” which was supposed to cancel and ban all legislation designed to protect the status of persons based on their “homosexual, lesbian or bisexual orientation, conduct, practices or relationships.”
But it didn’t hold up to Supreme scrutiny. “The State’s principal argument that Amendment 2 puts gays and lesbians in the same position as all other persons by denying them special
rights is rejected as implausible” wrote the Court. Furthermore “The amendment is at once too narrow and too broad, identifying persons by a single trait and then denying them
the possibility of protection across the board. It imposes a broad disability upon those persons alone, forbidding them, but no others, to seek specific legal protection from injuries
caused by discrimination in a wide range of both public and private transactions.”
Justice Kennedy wrote “The Amendment raises the inevitable inference that it is born of animosity toward the class that it affects.” It also raises the question, should “hate legislation” be considered a crime?
Redner remains incensed. “There is no justification, there is no reference. They haven’t given a reason. The law cannot advance the reason or serve the reason if there is no reason!” Redner says the only reason ever given is in the record of the County Commissioner meetings. “The only justification on record is that Ronda Storms didn’t want to have to explain to her children, as she walked by the display, what homosexual meant. I cut that down to meaning she doesn’t want her child to know that there are homosexuals in the world. And that is no justification at all. Here we have a law that cannot be justified.”
So Redner sued the commissioners individually, and was rebuffed at first. County attorneys tried to get Redner’s case dismissed by arguing Redner isn’t personally affected by the ordinance, implying in veiled legalese that Redner isn’t gay. “In fact, there is no allegation that Plaintiff has any concrete or particularized interest at all in gay pride recognition and events,”’ said the county attorneys. So Redner decided it was time to tell the world he is queer as folk.

Whether or not Joe Redner really is light in the loafers may be impossible for the court to officially determine. He says he is currently single, “Free as a breeze,” and experts in First Amendment law suggest it will be difficult to prove anything more than what Redner asserts about his sexuality.
He says so — isn’t that proof enough? What else would you have to do to prove you are gay? “I don’t know if it actually needs an act to be completed,” said First Amendment lawyer Luke
Lirot. “I guess that’s why they call it sexual orientation and not sexual activity.”
Redner says he is ready to take the stand and testify, if that is what will take to get the court to look at this case. He has already attended a party at a local gay nightclub to accept
several awards for coming out.
What’s that you ask: you never got an award for coming out? Joe would laugh at you and say “You never did it for altruistic reasons: to help humanity. Whether I am gay or not, that is what I did it for. It’s not about whether I am a homosexual, because I could have done it for altruistic reasons. When people are persecuted in my fucking name I get upset. This is my country.”

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Ford Reaffirms Support for the LGBT Community, Denies Deal with AFA

WASHINGTON — In a statement released Dec. 14, Ford
Motor Company reaffirmed its commitment to its progressive
workplace policies, said it would place corporate
advertising in LGBT publications on behalf of all of its
brands, including Jaguar and Land Rover, and would
continue financial support for LGBT organizations and
events consistent with its business condition. In response,
a broad coalition of LGBT organizations issued a statement
commending Ford for its actions. Visit
to read Ford’s statement.
“We applaud Ford Motor for taking such a firm stand on
behalf of our community — pledging to continue support
for our community’s organizations and events, and increasing
— not decreasing — its advertising in our community’s
publications to include all Ford brands. This is a very
positive, welcome outcome,” said Matt Foreman, Executive
Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
The coalition, comprised of more than twenty LGBT
organizations, issued the following statement: “We welcome
today’s statement from Ford Motor Company and
commend their firm stance in support of inclusion. It is an
unequivocal reaffirmation of Ford’s historic commitment
to our community and the core American values of fairness
and equality. Moreover, it is conclusive proof of what Ford
leaders have repeatedly assured us — that there never was
any deal with anti-LGBT organizations concerning Ford’s
support for our community.
We are proud to be back in gear with Ford and look
forward to working with them in the years ahead.”
The controversy erupted on Dec. 1, 2005, when the
American Family Association (AFA) officially announced it
was dropping its threat of a boycott, saying Ford “heard our
concerns; they are acting on our concerns. We are pleased
with where we are.” According to the AFA and media
reports, in order to avoid a boycott, Ford allegedly agreed
to no longer run ads promoting Jaguar or Land Rover in the
gay press and no longer support gay events or organizations.
According to the AFA, Ford could continue running
Volvo ads in the gay press, but no longer tailor those ads to
the gay community (i.e., in the future such ads would be the
same ads that are run in the mainstream media, rather than
the crafting the ads to appeal to a gay readership).The next
day, a Ford spokesperson appeared to confirm an agreement
by saying the company would stop advertising its Jaguar and
Land Rover brands in gay publications. The AFA is an extremist
anti-LGBT organization that routinely threatens boycotts
against LGBT-supportive companies, television programs it
does not like, and even cartoon characters such as SpongeBob.
On Dec. 5, 18 leading LGBT organizations issued a
statement calling upon Ford to disavow any agreement with
AFA, to reaffirm its commitment to the LGBT community
and to meet with the LGBT community and resolve the
issue. As a result of that statement, Ford Motor executives
met with LGBT community representatives, including Task
Force Executive Director Matt Foreman, in Washington,
D.C., on Dec. 12. There, Ford said it would issue a statement
based on the topics discussed, and the comprehensive
statement released today was the result.

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Mraz the Spaz

Story and photo by John Chambrone
ST. PETERSBURG—Singer Jason Mraz is not one to shy away from his self-described geekiness. He actually embraces it. “Here I am, this skinny little white kid wearing this
pink polo shirt, just feeling totally awkward. I probably looked like the biggest nerd.” The former cheerleading camper even penned the tune ‘Geek in the Pink,’ describing the colored shirt he bares no shame wearing in public. Leaving the pink shirt behind at a recent Janus Landing
performance, Mraz’s fifteen-song performance drew heavily from his sophmore release, Mr. A-Z. “I get to meet a lot of awkward teenagers, and right now they’re kind of feeling like they’re not cool, but it’s usually the geeks that are the cool people, and the people who think they’re really cool are usually the geeks,” he said. “But the bottom line is we’re all the same people. We’re all just a bunch of geeks trying to make it up as we go along.”
One can see that Mraz is passionate about his music, but maybe he should leave the rapping to the professionals. He is at his best when he just sings. Case in point, Mraz opened the show with his single “Life Is Wonderful.” It is a beautiful song with a ‘la la la la’ type chorus. His ‘rhyme,’
two songs later, just wasn’t as impressive. Sure, the guy can master the mike, but I think he is selling himself short. Mraz is the geeky, sensitive, artist type, and the rapping just clashed with what he is perceived to be. Midway through his performance, opening act Tristan Prettyman came onstage and they dueted his song “Shy That Way.”
Mraz has been busy on the concert circuit recently, opening for acts like Liz Phair, Alanis Morissette and the Rolling Stones. Relishing his time on the road with Mick Jagger and the Stones was an experience he will never forget. Not only did he get to watch them perform nightly, but he got a few chances to talk to the members of the band. His biggest moment came, however, when he got his mom backstage to meet them. Mraz joked that it was fun
seeing his mother acting like a teenager when she got to meet the legendary Rolling Stones.

About his time at cheerleader camp, he confesses there were a few reasons behind attending it. Screaming into a megaphone during rallies may up your geek factor tenfold, but Mraz says he milked every second of the opportunity.
“There were three guys and like 400 beautiful cheerleaders,” the singer joked. “It’s like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I don’t know why guys get flack for being a cheerleader, because it’s the best gig you could ask for.” While in high school, Mraz was also involved with choir, drama, and spent many a Friday night at Skate America.

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Brokeback is a Hit!

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Elton John Named Gay Games Ambassador

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