In a few States and countries  it is legal for men to marry other men. For the rest of the men around the world, the fight for dignity and equality goes on until all who wish to marry can do so!  Part news and political action, part dating site, men4marriage is a place to connect with guys who are looking for something serious. Sign up, make new connections and help achieve marriage equality for all.

Yes. We would like to redefine marriage. So?

We believe that marriage should be the union of people who have decided to share their lives with one another.

We do not believe that marriage is some kind of tool people can use to say “I know your friend is in a hospital bed at the moment, but could you wait outside in the waiting room? I’m sure the love of your life would like to see you right now, but family only.” or “My religious official feels that you participate in an unholy lifestyle, so my congregation and I will be voting on whether you can receive that guy you live with’s pension in the event he passes away before you. Try and guess which way we’ll be voting!”

We do not believe that the phrase “separate but equal” has any place in American politics in the year 2014, especially when it involves the relationship government says you have with the person you love, so we really aren’t interested in everybody being able to have civil unions or domestic partnerships. We want everybody to be able to get married and have all the rights and responsibilities of marriage regardless of which state they live in.

So we put together news on marriage equality and information on local groups who will help you get or keep the right to get married where you live, a ton of eligible bachelors who are interested in settling down at some point, and a business directory that can help you put the most important day of your lives together. Basically, we want to not only redefine marriage, but make the process really easy for you… well… the getting married part, at least. If you pick a husband who doesn’t trim his toenails, that’s on you.

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"It's not the men in your life, but the life in your men." – Mae West