Radical Christians Pick Fight Over Cookies

Radical Homosexuals Pick Fight Over Cookies?

Dear Elaine,

Heather Browning just wanted cookies.  No big deal right?

She asked “Just Cookies” of Indianapolis to bake them for a special event.

But she was refused service.

You see, upon learning that Heather’s order was for gay pride “rainbow” frosted cookies destined to be party favors at the Radical Homosexual “National Coming Out Day” event planned the next week at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis just Cookies decided that they could not, in good conscience take the order.

You see, the owners of Just Cookies, David Stockton and his wife Lily support traditional family values and they stand by their moral beliefs.

Mr. Stockton told Heather he wasn’t willing to set a bad example for his daughters by supporting this event.

So instead of looking for a different vendor, Heather Browning is instead seeking to shut them down by having the city revoke their lease for discrimination.

In reality, David and Lily Stockton simply didn’t want to participate in the indoctrination of our youth into homosexual ideology.

There are likely plenty of shops willing to bake her homosexual cookies, and some may even donate them.

But as always, the Homosexual Lobby is viewing this as an opportunity to force their beliefs on others.

The mayor’s deputy chief of staff, Robert Vane came out with a statement professing, “The mayor was certainly dismayed and wants to make it clear that a person’s values, morality and personal beliefs are absolutely not relevant to making a purchase at the City Market.”

But isn’t that the entire point?  The owners of Just Cookies are the ones being discriminated against for their “values, morality and personal beliefs.”

Requiring businesses and individuals to perform work they personally believe is immoral flies in the face of our Constitutional rights.

But in the New America envisioned by the Radical Homosexuals, churches, private organizations, and restaurants will be required to participate in activities they believe to be wrong, or face the Radical Homosexuals retribution.

We need to stop the Radical Homosexuals from forcing their lifestyle on unwilling recipients.

Please consider supporting Just Cookies and order traditional value cookies from them at (317) 634-4456.

And call the mayor of Indianapolis, Greg Ballard at (317) 327-3601 and tell him to stop trying to force homosexual cookies upon private businesses.

For the Family,

Eugene Delgaudio
Public Advocate of the U.S.

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