I Really Want to Find A Guy I Can Sleep With and …

Dear Amanda,

I really want to find a guy i can sleep with as well as live with i a house.

Looking Online

My Dearest Respondent,

Amanda assumes that your response to the I am Gay, Now What, series of questions says, “I really want to find a guy I can sleep with as well and live with in a house.”?  There are all sorts of places to find someone who will live with you and sleep with you and do so in a house.  Is your life so simple that that is all you desire?  How about love, how about life companionship?  How about mowing the lawn?  All of these are very important parts of what might be a life-partnership.  But Amanda guesses you really are looking for more than a roommate you can sleep with in a house.

Amanda wishes you the best of luck in your search for that person.  She also encourages you to create a vision in your head of what “HE” might be like.  And please do not reduce him to “blond, tall, hunky, under 24, hung.”  Make him funny, caring, compassionate, honest and loyal.  Find that man who compliments your life not completes it, who truly wants to share your lives together, to be there when you need him and wants and needs you to be there when he needs you.  Dont settle for anything – ever.  There are those days when we all feel that I better take whats there instead of seeking the right match – DO NOT GIVE IN to that thinking.  They are out there – and guess what – they are looking for you – let yourself be found.

Kiss, Kiss,


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