Education Survey

SECTION I: You  and Your High School Experience

Please take this survey and tell us about your environment and happenings.
This survey collects data regarding education experiences of glbtq students including harassment and discrimination as well as exposure to gay role models and culture.

If you wish, enter the name of your High School or Secondary School here.

Location of your school.

What is your graduation year?

Your GPA

Your sex

Sexual Orientation:

How public are you about your GLBTQ identity? Please indicate  any/all areas that you are out.

Would you say you are completely \”Out of the Closet\”?

What age were you when you came out?

Were/are you out of the closet in high school?

Was/is there a GSA (Gay Student Alliance) at your school?

If so, was it openly supported by the teachers and/or administration?

Were/are you aware of any other GLBTQ students in your school?

SECTION II: The Classroom and GLBTQ Issues
Please make sure to answer these questions as honestly as you can and do not be afraid to include graphic material.

Were you ever given reading assignments that openly referenced or included GLBTQ themes? If so, please state the titles and authors.

Were GLBTQ issues ever discussed or referenced in the classroom?

Was homophobia ever discussed or referenced in the classroom?

Were religious topics or beliefs (i.e. God, the devil, Jesus, the Koran etc.) ever discussed or referenced in the classroom?

Were there any books/stories assigned that you personally felt had GLBTQ themes that were ignored or overlooked by teachers? If so, which books/author? Why?

What are some other GLBTQ authors/books that you’ve read for pleasure?

What information do you think would help a student who is struggling with his or her own GLBTQ identity?

SECTION III: Homophobia and Anti-GLBTQ Attitudes in Your School

Were homophobic/anti-GLBTQ attitudes common in your high school?

Were you ever called names for being identified as a GLBTQ student? If so, what names? Do not be afraid to be graphic!

Did any of your teachers and/or administrators tolerate, ignore or enforce homophobic/anti-GLBTQ attitudes? If so, explain how.

Were you ever openly threatened or attacked by other students for being identified as GLBTQ? If so, please give examples.

Do you feel homophobic/anti-GLBTQ attitudes can negatively affect the learning process and your overall experience in school?

Were you ever afraid to participate in class due to anxiety about being harassed for being GLBTQ?

Indicate any connections you observed between racism, sexism, ageism and homophobia/anti-GLBTQ attitudes.

Do you feel that homophobia/anti-GLBTQ attitudes were/are institutionalized at your school?

SECTION IV: Final Thoughts and Suggestions

What other questions could we ask?

Say anything that comes to mind!

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