Gay FAQ: Should Gay Marriage Be Legal

Should Gay Marriage be legal?

Of course it should be and it should be called marriage and not some other name like commitment, holy union, domestic partners.  It should be marriage and come with all the rights and responsibilities it affords to straight couples right now.

Why, you ask?  Well let me address the most significant misconception about “gay marriage” i.e., the church doesn’t approve.

Marriage is not a religious issue in any way, shape, or form.  It is not a church sponsored activity.  It is a legal issue.  Being a legal issue, marriage should be accessible to any couple regardless of the gender mix of the couple – end of discussion.

Churches should be in the business of blessing relationships in the name of God.  Churches should not be an arm of the government in providing a legal relationship to couples.  This would mean conservative churches would not be asked to do something they do not believe in – and thank God.  After all it is America and those churches do not need to bless gay marriages.  Liberal churches on the other hand, like the United Church of Christ, could go on blessing marriages of same gender couples as they currently do.  But the legal aspect of a marriage would take place in city hall, the court house, the office of a justice of the peace.  Then, and only if a couple wishes, the church would bless the union in the midst of family, friends, and the congregation.

This practice has been the method for marriages in Europe for centuries.  A couple goes to city hall.  The government marries them.  They go across the square to the church and the church blesses the union and everyone is happy.  It is one of the reasons that so many other countries allow gay marriages – they have evolved far beyond the idiocy of this country to understand the difference between the legal and religious definitions of marrage.

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