Gay FAQ: Is being gay a sin?

Is being gay a sin?

NO!  Next.

Ok Ok – so you want more than that.  Being gay is how gay people were born – so if you are a religious person and believe that people are created in God’s image – God has no issue with gayness – in fact – God created it.  Did God create sin?  Well that is a conversation I am not going to have here – maybe another time.

There are those who will point to specific Bible verses and say – “see, Jesus thinks it’s a sin”.  Well let me assure you that Jesus never said a thing about homosexuality.  Nothing.  Nada.  There are passages, when read out of context and with little or no historical perspective, indicate that the writer of the book are less than thrilled with homosexuality but when read through the filter of historical truth one will find that those passages, in most cases, are about something else and not a condemnation of homosexuality.

The Bible tells us to do many things that we would never do; “sell teenage daughter into slavery”, kill those who work on the Sabbath, cut out our eye.  So interpreting the Bible as infalable is a very slippery slope.

There are many things perceived as sin.  You are free to develop your own theory but the Biblical truth just might be that anything you don’t do with integrity, that does not enhance your life as a good person could be a sin.

Is Gayness a sin?  Is drinking a sin?  Is living a lavish lifestyle a sin?  You can find people who will say yes to all or any of these questions.  So it is really up to you to determine, in your life, what you feel is sin.  But aside from your belief is reality.  In reality is gayness a sin?  Well your believe structure and the way life is and needs to be lived may be in conflict on this and many other things.  Deal with it.  Gayness is.  That is what is important to remember “and the greatest of these is love”.  THAT is far more important to remember.

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