He Who Kissed!


This past July, San Diego Comic Con celebrated it’s fortieth anniversary. For those of you unfamiliar with the annual event, it is a celebration of all things pop culture with a strong focus on entertainment. Hollywood has embraced the convention and utilized it for the past several years to help promote what they hope to be the next big thing.

Although the main focus is science fiction and comic books, many other areas are also showcased. One afternoon I sat in on panels featuring cast members from “Heroes,” “Glee,” and an assortment of others. With the fall television season upon us, the studios wanted to strongly show their support for new and returning shows by featuring key cast members, preview clips and in some cases, giveaways like posters and what not. Being a huge fan of the British sci fi program “Doctor Who,” I have to say that my favorite moment came about when the Doctor, portrayed by actor David Tennant came on stage to introduce the latest episode of the series, giving us Americans the U.S. premiere that night. On stage with him was the openly gay American actor John Barrowman, who fans know as ‘Captain Jack Harkness’ from the “Doctor Who” spin off series,”Torchwood.”

Tennant planted a big sloppy kiss on Barrowman’s lips, to which the always entertaining Barrowman admitted, “I have been waiting four years for this,” before dropping onto the floor. The audience went wild at that point, screaming and applauding very loudly.

What followed were screenings of the latest “Torchwood” and “Doctor Who” episodes. Comic Con has to be one of my favorite events. Aside from the media presentations and stars from every walk of life, they have incorporated a lot of gay panels throughout the four day event, focusing on gay comic book artists and creators. The convention sells out quickly so if you plan to attend, be sure to purchase tickets as soon as you are able to.

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